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Here at Bambino Bebé, we've searched through our favourite designers to bring you the perfect outfit for your little ones! After many years of loving European designers, (a love that started way back when our Mum took us to buy our school shoes on our summer holidays in Spain) and holidays spent shopping for all the Bambino Bebés in our lives, we've realised that we aren't alone in loving the beautiful fabrics and classic styles. Whether you are looking for a new baby or baby shower gift, a hospital outfit or something special for your older baby, Bambino Bebé is where you'll find all those items you've struggled to find in the UK, beautifully wrapped and delivered to your door.

Our picks for February

Have you taken advantage of our summer stock offers and grab yourself a bargain?!

Lot's of jam pant sets, dresses and rompers have been added to site.Perfect for these sunny days and holiday wardrobes.

Don't forget to tag us in your photos, it really does brighten up or days!

Thank you to everyone who has shared the photos of your gorgeous babies in their Bambino Bebe purchases.

These are a few of our favourite things....


New Baby Neutrals                   

Lovely sets and baby basics in white and pale grey, suitable for all Bebé's and perfect for Baby Shower and work gifts. This season we have lots of beautiful white knitwear sets, perfect for all babies, and ideal to take to hospital with you for their first going home photos. Not sure what flavour the delivery will be? Doesn't matter here, as you still get to buy lovely outfits and accessories and don't forget to ask for a New Baby Gift Receipt if you need it.

Baby Girl

Subtle pink and white outfits are perfect for parents who aren't too keen on bold colours, but still want a feminine look. Our sets go up to 24 months, so older babies don't miss out. We are especially crazy for jam pants and the beautifully embellished knitwear sets. As for accessories? You can finish their outfits with pom pom hats, cardigans and socks. Some outfits even come with a matching bonnet. Too cute!

Baby Boy

It can be really hard finding cute outfits for boys. You want to enjoy them being tiny babies, but the shops are full of 'mini adult' outfits, especially for occasion wear. Equally though, you don't want to have to keep telling everyone that 'it's a boy' (believe me I know how frustrating that can be!). We have got some lovely, soft jam pant sets that are definitely for baby boys - with enough detail to make sure they don't miss out.